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Manure supply in the Manchester area for agricutural , allotments and personal use.

We are able to supply sealed rubble sacks of manure for £3.00 (PICK UP ONLY) or tonbags for £50 free delivery for tonne bags within 6 miles of M23 0AB loose loads are available qoute on request.

Why use Horse Manure?

Composted Horse Manure improves soil structure, helping soil to hold more nutrition and water, as well as fertilising the soil and encouraging microorganisms. All soils can benefit from horse manure, particularly sandy soil which is known for drainage issues.

Horse manure provides good levels of the vital nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Our rotted horse manure is of an excellent quality having been shredded and well rotted down, and will continue to improve your soil the more it breaks down. Composting it yourself can be time consuming and there may be an unpleasant odour hanging around while it rots.

When creating raised beds, composted horse manure is commonly used as a thick bottom layer to encourage growth and to prevent waterlogging by improving the drainage.

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